is a decentralized exchange based on uniswap

is the first decentralized exchange based on uniswap to offer peer to peer leverage trading.

Infinite flexibility

DexMex allows any token on Uniswap to be long or short by suppressing any centralized limitation.

Peer to peer leverage trading

Anyone can deploy a long or short contract on any token, decentralizing therefore the decision-making operation to the community.

Endless liquidity within the contract

The Value of the short and long positions are determined thanks to a direct ratio between the interest of the shorts and that of the longs, thus allowing the system not to suffer from liquidity problems to reward its users.

Directly funded positions

No need to have a borrowing system for DexMex to work. The rewards are directly determined against the value of the losing positions.

The lowest commissions in decentralized leverage trading

We only have one entry fee set at 0,8%. No hidden commissions and users are not charged over time.

Confidential trading

You can directly trade with a MetaMask wallet. No need to verify your identity or create an account.

Powering DexMex

The DexMex token is used for various aspects


DexMex users have complete control over the protocol. DexMex holders will manage the treasury fund and internal aspects of the platform such as fees taken or upgrading the protocol.

Stake DexMex and earn directly Eth

DexMex holders will be able to earn 0,4% commissions of all the trades in the platform by staking their tokens. They will earn fees directly in Ethereum.

Fees are used to buy back DexMex

0,2% of the total fees on the platform will be used to buy back DexMex.

Fee Distribution

The majority of the fees will be distributed to DEXM stakers, and some fees will be used to buyback DEXM or put in the treasury fund.
More specifically:


Treasury fund


Dexmex stakers




Token Ticker - DEXM

50,000,000 DEXM

Total Token Supply

6,000,000 DEXM

Seed Sale

0,0000166666 ETH per Token

19,000,000 DEXM

Pre Sale

0,0000210526 ETH per Token

10,000,000 DEXM

Initial Uniswap Listing

0,000025 ETH per Token

10,000,000 DEXM

Team and development

2,500,000 DEXM

Marketing, exchange listings, partnerships

DexMex is a project based in switzerland and founded by pioneers in the DeFi space.